Fluval Pre Filter Media, 750 gram, 26.45 Ounce -

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Features & Benefits:
  • Medium & coarse filtration captures solid waste & other large debris
  • Boosts water clarity & prevents premature clogging of finer filters
  • Extends the life of other filter media & reduces the frequency of replacement
  • Made of chemically-inert ceramic material so it won't negatively affect your water chemistry
  • Suitable for both fresh & saltwater environments

Help keep your tank sparkling clear and simplify your filter maintenance with Fluval Pre-Filter Media. Made specifically for multi-stage canister aquarium filters, it provides medium and coarse filtration that captures solid waste and other large debris before they reach the other filter stages. Pre-filter media boosts water clarity and prevents premature clogging of finer filters, which extends their life and reduces the frequency with which other filter media needs to be replaced. Made of chemically-inert ceramic material, this product is designed for use in Fluval canister filters and is suitable for both fresh and saltwater environments.
  • 750 g
  • Polybag within display box
  • Fluval Pre-Filter is designed to capture solid waste before they reach other media. This prevents premature clogging of finer filters and extends their life, reducing media replacements frequency.
  • Ideal for medium and coarse filtration.
  • For freshwater and marine environments.
  • For filter models: 105, 205, 305, 405, FX5, 104, 204, 304, 404, 103, 203, 303, 403