Fluval Zeo-Carb 3x 150 gram 3pk nylon bags Filter Media by Hagen -

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Features & Benefits:
  • Chemical filter media made with a premium blend of research grade Fluval Carbon and Fluval Ammonia Remover
  • With large amounts of surface area for optimal absorption
  • Provides Stage 3 chemical filtration and frees up space inside the filter for other types of media
  • Highly effective at eliminating liquefied impurities, odors, and discoloration
  • Removes toxic ammonia, keeps tanks healthy and fish thriving

Fluval 306 Canister Filter delivers better filtration, less maintenance frequency, faster setup, and quieter operation. This filter provides enhanced functionality and filtration performance to create the cleanest, healthiest aquariums ever.

The filter makes aquarium keeping easy and worry-free thanks to patented Aqua-Stop Valves for easy hose disconnections, single-motion lift-lock clamps for simple cleaning and maintenance, and multiple removable filtration baskets packed with the necessary media for mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

The filter has a unique square-shaped canister design that holds 35 to 50% more water than round canister filters of similar size, allowing better water flow through a cleansing path that maximizes contact with filtration media.
  • 3 x 150 g nylon bags
  • Fluval Zeo-Carb is a blend of research grade Fluval Carbon and Fluval Ammonia Remover. Together, these highly effective media eliminate liquefied impurities, odors and discoloration, while simultaneously removing toxic ammonia, for a clean, healthy aquarium. Combining these allows for more space within the filter for other media.
  • Replace once a month, more often if aquarium is heavily populated. Remove when medication is being administered in aquarium water. Use carefully when keeping live plants. For freshwater use only.
  • Premium select media for use in Fluval Canister Filters, ideal for all filters.
  • Suggested Media Placement 105, 205, 305, 405, 104, 204, 304, 404, 103, 203, 303, 403: Mid, or Lower Level Media Baskets; FX5: Top or Middle Media Baskets.