OUT! Odor Control Quilted Dog Pads Training Pads, 26x24 Inch, X-Large, 60 Count -

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Features & Benefits:
  • THEY'RE BIG - OUT! Odor Control XL Quilted pads (30 ct) are big. Really big. 40% larger than our standard-size pads, a total of 26 x 24 inches. Extra large dog training pads with extra strong protection and odor control.
  • CONTROLS ODOR - These pads are built with 5-layer construction and engineered with a unique odor control technology, so when your dog uses them, they don't stink up the place!
  • STRONG AND ATTRACTIVE - We make these pads with stronger fibers that reduce tearing and shredding. Your pup can make as many circles as needed before getting down to business. Also, there's a built-in attractant, so your dog will hit the right spot.
  • NOT MESSING AROUND - Dogs can be messy. Protect your house and your car. Perfect for busy pet parents who have to leave their furbabies alone, for protecting your car seats when traveling, and for dogs with incontinence.
  • BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE - I hope you're sitting down, because we're about to really blow your mind. These fit standard training pad and dog pad holders.

OUT! Odor Control Quilted Extra Large Dog Pads are 40% larger* (compared to OUT! standard sized dog pads) and provides triple protection against dog messes to absorb wetness quickly, neutralize odors, and prevent leaks. Odor Control XL Dog Pads (26 in x 24 in) have a 5-Layer construction for more absorbency and unique Odor Control Technology, making them great for dogs with working parents, dogs with incontinence, lining crates and carriers, cleaning wet paws or fur, and car travel. Leak-proof backing on dog pad helps to prevent leaks. Directions for use: Carefully unfold the pad on the floor, beige plastic side down and quilted side up. Do not shake the pad open. Introduce the dog to the pad so he can smell the attractant. If he does not relieve himself immediately, take him back to the pad several times until he is successful. When he relieves himself on the pad, reward him with a treat or enthusiastic praise. Replace pads as needed.

Features & Benefits:
  • Provide triple protection for dog messes to absorb wetness quickly, neutralize odors & prevent leaks
  • 5-Layer construction with unique odor control technology
  • Protective pad top sheet & leak-proof backing helps prevent tearing & leaks
  • Great for pets with working parents, dogs with incontinence, cleaning wet paws or fur & car travel
  • Fits all standard training pad & dog pad holders

Origin: USA