OUT! Training Pads for Dogs, Heavy Duty Quilted, XX-Large, 30 Count, 8 Pack -

OUT!SKU: BC72473-8PK-MC2
UPC: 010279711682

SOLD OUT, but we're working on it!
With a 5-layer construction that make them 25% more absorbent and 50% stronger, OUT! Heavy Duty Quilted Dog Pads, XX-Large provide extra strong protection and odor control for dog messes. Heavy duty pads have a dog attractant making them perfect for potty training, housebreaking, pets with working parents, dogs with incontinence, lining crates or carriers, car seat protection and quick clean ups. Dimensions are 26" x 30".

Features & Benefits:
  • 25% more absorbent & 50% stronger than OUT! Odor Control Pads
  • Super absorbent core to lock away wetness & neutralize odors
  • Perfect for pets with working parents, dogs with incontinence & car seat protection when traveling

Origin: USA