Petmate Zeolite Jumbo Hooded Litter Box Filter

PetmateSKU: 29203

Price: Sale Price$3.65
Litter Box Filter helps reduce & absorb unwanted odors in your litter box area for up to 3 months! Petmate Zeolite-Charcoal Replacement Litter Box Filter uses Zeolite/Charcoal particles to trap airborne odor molecules. Absorbs odors & keeps air clean while being nontoxic & easy-to-load.

Features & Benefits:
  • Perfect for smelly litter boxes. This filter helps cut down on awful smells and keeps them out of your home for up to 3 months.
  • This filter offers powerful odor absorption without using any harmful or toxic chemicals. Perfectly safe for you and your family!
  • Using Zeolite, this filter works on the molecular level to trap airborne odor molecules.
  • Easy to load and replace, there is no hassle in making sure the bad smells stay in the litter box.
  • Ideal for homes with single or multiple cats. Our packaging has changed. Product may ship in old until stock is extinguished.

Directions: Leave filter in package until ready for use. Remove from protective plastic bag. Insert filter into filter slot. Replace filter every 90 days or as needed. Do not wash or wet filter.

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