Simple Solution Training Pads for Dogs, All Day Premium, Lavender, 23x24 Inch, 50 Count, 8 Pack

Simple SolutionSKU: BC10242-8PK-MC-2

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Powered by InstaShield technology, Simple Solution All Day Premium Lavender Dog Pads, 23x24 400ct (8 x 50ct) deliver 10 times the protection and eliminate odors to keep your home clean and smelling fresh all day. These dog pads hold up to 10 cups of liquid and contain 6 layers of guaranteed leak-proof protection, which works great for multi-dog homes and pets that need to stay inside for extended periods.

Features & Benefits:
  • Powered with InstaShield technology
  • Holds up to 10 cups of liquid
  • 6-Layers of guaranteed leak-proof protection
  • Contain a lavender scent that helps keep your home smelling fresh
  • Tear Resistant top sheet prevents puddling and tracking
  • Great for multi-dog homes

  • Place on floor, plastic side down and tissue side up
  • Introduce dog to the pad and say a familiar command to encourage use
  • If dog doesn't use immediately, take it back several times until successful
  • Reward when pad is used
  • Replace as needed

Origin: USA