Simple Solution Training Pads for Dogs, Extra Large, 50 Count

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New Look, New Feel, Same Absorbency

Simple Solution Extra Large Dog Training Pads are 60% larger than standard pads with a six-layer construction that uses an advanced polymer technology to trap more urine and lock-in moisture, preventing runoff and messy tracking. Our dog pee pads have a powerful built-in attractant to help accelerate dog and puppy potty training and housebreaking. It's another Simple Solution to make pet parenting easier.

Features & Benefits:
  • EASY DOES IT - Simple Solution Extra Large Dog Training Pads are 100% more absorbent than our original economy pads. Imagine how easy it will be to house train a puppy with a pad that can absorb that much liquid.
  • LARGER IS BETTER - These training pads are 28 x 30 inches, making them 60% larger than standard pads. That means little dogs can use them multiple times before you have to change them, and bigger dogs will have all the room they need to do their work.
  • WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY - Simple Solution training pads contain InstaShield Technology. We developed this technology to contain more liquid, 7 cups worth, while neutralizing unpleasant odors.
  • WORKING SMARTER - Our 3-in-1 Attractant works in a systematic way to entice your dog to approach the pad, engage with the pad, and finally (and more importantly to you!) encourage your dog to use the pad--and not your floor.
  • KNOW AT A GLANCE - Wouldn't it be nice if there was some way to know for sure that it is time to change the pad? Well, there is! The Wetness Indicator turns teal to let you know that your furbaby has successfully used the pad.
  • Pad Size: 28" x 30"

This item is designed to be used solely by pet parents for hygiene of their dogs. This product is not intended for rodents or any other gnawing animals. This item is not a toy. Keep out of reach of both children and animals. Inspect pads before and after each use. Discard pad if any part is damaged, loose, missing or exposed.

This item is experiencing packaging changes. Customers may receive old packaging during this transition.

Directions: Place the pad on the floor, plastic side down, tissue side up. Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing him to smell the special pheromone-scented attractant. If he doesn't relieve himself immediately, take him back several times until he is successful. When he relieves himself on the pad, reward him with a treat or enthusiastic praise. Always keep the pad in an area that is available to your pet, but away from his bed and food.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Best buy

I've used this product for years. Will not get anything else


Too expensive

Great product and company

I have two small dogs and these are perfect for them. Because my dogs are small, one pad can take several bathroom uses before I need to change them out. This is a wonderful company to work with and their customer service is second to non.

Would recommend

Great product,my dog is close to 60# and these pads are very absorbent. I am pleased with the product.

Great product for a great price

This is a great size for multiple little dogs! We love them!

Best By Far!!

I have an 11 yr old Chihuahua who has only used pads. (Not for a lack of trying to train outdoors.) He also tends to only pee in the same spot on the pad and these are the ONLY pads I've found that don't leak after 1 use. LOVE these pads! :)


Very absorbent am happy with the product.


Good value

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