ValueBull Himalayan Yak Cheese Dog Chews, Medium, 50 ct BULK PACK - Long-Lasting for Aggressive Chewers, All Natural, Healthy & Safe, Low Odor Nepal Yak Milk Chews

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Features & Benefits:
  • Long lasting dog chew made from yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, salt
  • Himalayan yak chew has a pleasant smoky aroma that your dog will utterly crave without stinking you out of the house
  • Naturally grain free, our yak milk bones are a fully digestible alternative to rawhide chews that are packed with wholesome natural protein and calcium
  • Chewing Himalayan yak cheese dog chews naturally scrapes away plaque and tartar and can even serve as a puppy teething treat
  • Medium Himalayan yak dog chew bars average 4-5.5 inches making them a great treating size for nearly any dog or a big time day-long reward for small to medium dogs.

Unlock the secrets of the Himalayas with ValueBull Himalayan Yak Cheese Bars, an ancient recipe from the mountains of Nepal. Crafted with Yak milk, salt, and lime juice, this simple blend creates a dog-satisfying alchemy. Don't be fooled by the simplicity; the riddle within these cheese dog chew bars will captivate your dog, providing endless entertainment.

As your pup savors every chunk, take their experience to the next level by microwaving for 20-30 seconds. Witness the magical transformation into an entirely new crunchy puff your dog will devour (remember to let it cool for at least 2 minutes first!).

The 3.5-5.5 Inch Medium Himalayan yak chew bars are a perfect treating size for any dog or a big birthday reward for small to medium dogs. A naturally grain-free rawhide alternative with no strange chemicals or additives, ensuring a wholesome chewing experience. Chewing these Himalayan yak cheese dog chews naturally scrapes away plaque and tartar, making it suitable for puppy teething. Hand-inspected for quality and consistency, with natural variations in size, shape, and color to be expected.

Elevate your dog's treat game with ValueBull Himalayan Yak Cheese Bars – where simplicity meets enchantment, and each chew tells a tale of ancient traditions. Upgrade your pet's snacking routine today!

Ingredients: Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Salt, Lime Juice

Origin: Nepal

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Introduce new natural treats (a treat your pet has never eaten before) on a gradual basis (one every three days). We recommend no more than one Himalayan yak dog chew bar per day once your pet has been acclimated to them. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Customer Reviews

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Dogs love them

Sarah Luhm

Arrived on time and my dog loves them.

Added fun

My dog loves these, and I just learned about a fun trick. When your dog has chewed the yak down to a nub, which is kind of dangerous, you can put the small piece in your microwave. Nuke it for about a minute, on high, and then it turns into a yak puff. My dog likes the puff as much as she likes gnawing on the extra large chew! You're welcome🙂

Bridgette Yanez
Happy Pups

As described. Great size and quality. Pups approved.
Shipping was expedient. Easy process


The small size is perfect e en for my big dogs.

Steven Malone
Great value

Great value, high quality, little mess


Top quality just every other time!


Much cheaper than buying a small pkg from Petsmart. My Shihtzu loves them.