ValuePad Plus Carbon Puppy Pads, Large 28x30 Inch, 25 Count - Premium Pee Pads for Dogs, Activated Charcoal Odor Control, Super Absorbent Polymer Gel Core, 5-Layer Design

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Features & Benefits:
  • CHARCOAL PUPPY PADS - Absorbent 5-layer construction keeps moisture in the pad and off your floors.
  • CARBON PEE PADS FOR DOGS - Charcoal layer neutralizes odors, and promotes quick drying so messes stay discrete and clean-up is easy.
  • STOP LEAKS - These activated carbon pads have 5-layer construction including super absorbent polymer core, carbon layer, and leak proof polypropylene backing.
  • TEAR RESISTANT - Our charcoal training pads are designed with a spun-bonded top sheet so your pet's nails won't snag and cause a tracking mess.
  • IT'S IN THE DETAILS - Dimensions: 28 x 30 inch carbon pad, 72 Grams in the absorbent fluff layer, 5 grams super absorbent polymer

Don't come home to wet floors. ValuePad Plus Carbon Training Pads are a premium pee pad house-training solution. These odor absorbing activated charcoal pads neutralize pet smells to keep your home fresh. The tear resistant facing won't tug at your dog's nails, which will help stop tracking. Our carbon potty pads contain Super Absorbent Polymer to soak in and trap moisture. Heavy poly backing on our charcoal pet pads means pads stay in place and messy leaks can be prevented.

Features & Benefits:
  • Premium Charcoal Pee Pads for Dogs
  • 5-layer construction prevents spills & protects floors
  • Black Charcoal layer is quick drying and reduces odors so clean up is easy and messes stay discrete
  • Super absorbent polymer core turns liquid to gel for maximum moisture retention
  • Polypropylene backing prevents moisture leaks and protects floors
  • Avoid tracking messes, a tear resistant spun-bonded facing won't snag on your pup's nails
  • Carbon dog pads are ideal for house-training pups, home-bound and incontinent dogs
  • Dimensions: 28 x 30 inches, 72 gram absorbent fluff pad with 5 grams of super absorbent polymer
Directions: Place carbon pet pads on the floor, plastic side down. Introduce your dog to the black pee pads, and don't be discouraged if it doesn't take right away. Just keep returning your dog to the activated carbon training pads until the magic happens. Replace when necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Love them for my older 2 dogs as I work long hours and they absorb lots with no oder. Thanks


Fast Shipping !!.


Pads work as promised. Great vale!

Joyce thomas

Awesome always on time

Kelley Booker Shelton

I seriously could not be happier with these Pads. Rabbit urine smells terrible!! I raise Angora Rabbits.. and the urine smells so bad.. these pads.. Wow!! Absorbent, Quality, and absorbs the smell. I'll be buying these from now on. Trust.. if you need quality pads for your Rabbit Cages. You can buy these confidently.

Dog Lover

I like these pads cuz their grey color isn't obtrusive on the floor. Also like the odor control. My dog uses these at night and while I'm at work daytime and she's impressively good at leaving her 'mess' right smack in the middle of any of these charcoal pads. Mornings, first thing, when entering the living room, she shows me with her nose which pads she used during the night -- so cute.

Just be sure you specify WHERE YOU WANT YOUR BOXEX DELIVERED. My last shipment was left by the mailboxes of my apartment complex, which is a long distance from my upstairs, back apartment. I literally had to hire some guys to help me carry the heavy boxes to my apartment (but that's the fault of FedEx).

Love ValuePet. They are always available to talk if I call them and even gifted me a $90 coupon once when the shipment was jumbled.
Awesome company!

Thomas Snyder
Charcoal pads

I just began to use them but they seem to be very well made and were affordable at their bulk price.

Janice May
Carbon puppy pads

The puppy pads are awesome. What I like the best is they mask the pee smell.