ValuePad Plus Puppy Pads, Small 17x24 Inch, 200 Count - Premium Pee Pads for Dogs, Tear Resistant, Super Absorbent Polymer Gel Core, 5-Layer Design

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Features & Benefits:
  • RELIABLE PUPPY PADS - Great for dogs left home alone, puppy housebreaking, or dogs experiencing incontinence
  • ABSORBENT - Super absorbent polymer core will keep moisture in and help avoid tracking
  • HELPS STOP LEAKS - No mess will leak through the pads with the tear resistant polypropylene backing
  • ELIMINATES TRACKING - Spunbonded polypropylene facing prevents snagging
  • IT'S IN THE DETAILS - Dimensions: 17 x 24 inches, 28 Grams in the absorbent fluff layer, 2 grams super absorbent polymer

The Housetraining Solution
Made with a heavy green poly backing to help keep pads in place and stop leaks, ValuePad Plus Premium Puppy Pads have 2 grams of super absorbent polymer to soak in and trap moisture. The spunbonded polypropylene facing won't tug at your dog's claws, which will help stop tracking.

Features & Benefits:
  • Made with 2 grams of super absorbent polymer
  • Absorbent core will help avoid tracking
  • A polypropylene backing helps defend against leaks
  • Premium training pads with a spunbonded polypropylene facing that won't snag
  • For housetraining or dogs experiencing incontinence
  • Easy cleanup & disposal with these absorbent pads
  • Dimensions: 17 x 24 inches, 28 gram absorbent fluff pad with 2 grams of super absorbent polymer

Directions: Place the puppy pad on the floor, plastic side down. Introduce your dog to the puppy pad, and don't be discouraged if it doesn't take right away. Just keep returning your dog to the puppy pad until it happens. Replace when necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Emily Bobrowski

Your pads are thicker than the ones I have been using.

Ronald Ludwig


Jeff Ross

ValuePad Plus Puppy Pads, XXL Gigantic 28x44 Inch, 200 Count BULK PACK


Traps moisture. Large size. Very durable.

Chris O'Connell

ValuePad Plus Puppy Pads, Medium 23x24 Inch, 200 Count

Suzanne Stone
Great Product

I have used these weewee pads for several years and are pleased with their quality and color.

Cynthia DeVaux
Great pads.

Nice and fast delivery.

Great pads, a bit expensive.

Great XL pads for my 5 doggies. They are big. They unfold easily and go down easily and absorb well. During the pandemic, there was a period in which they didn't unfold easily -- that has been corrected. So glad to have them. They are a bit expensive since I need to get them so often with the 5 pups.