ValuePad Puppy Pads, Medium 23x24 Inch, Economy, 448 Count

Training Pads for Dogs, Leak Proof 5-Layer Design, Perfect for Puppies, Smaller Dogs
ValuePadSKU: 1524-2BOXES

Price: Sale Price$102.99

Our Top Selling Puppy Pad Is A Great Value!

Strong, absorbent and affordable, ValuePad 23 X 24 28 Gram Dog Training Pads are the perfect tool for your housetraining needs. Designed with a polypropylene facing to prevent your dog?s nails from snagging, these pet pads will help protect your floors from unwanted and unnecessary messes. Great for training a new puppy or even helping with an older, incontinent dog. BONUS PACK: This case contains 2688 puppy pads for the price of 2400!

ValuePad Bonus Pack Benefits
  • Absorbent, fluff center for effortless disposal
  • Perfect for puppies smaller indoor dogs and even litter boxes
  • Polypropylene facing is tougher than most tissue covered pads
  • Cheap enough to use anywhere and everywhere but strong enough for even human use
  • Size tolerance: 21.5-22 x 22.5-23 inches

Directions: Place the puppy pad on the floor, plastic side down. Introduce your dog to the puppy pad, and don?t be discouraged if it doesn?t take right away. Just keep returning your dog to the puppy pad until it happens. Replace when necessary.

Country of Origin: China

Not suitable for human use

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