ValuePad USA Puppy Pads, Medium 23x24 Inch, Polymer and Baking Soda, 400 Count

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Absorbent Polymer Pads That Won't Leak

Proudly made in the USA, our ValuePad USA Premium 23 x 24 inch Polymer Dog Training Pads are extra-absorbent, so they're easily cleaned up and disposed of. The spunbonded facing helps limit tracking, and the quilted, 3-ply center absorbs any mess your dog makes. Made with baking soda to eliminate odors and a polypropylene backing to help stop leaks.

Features & Benefits:
  • Odors are neutralized by the baking soda
  • Made with polymer & folded edges to keep liquids on the pad
  • 3-ply center that's quilted for extra absorbency
  • Your dog's claws won't snag on the spunbonded polypropylene facing
  • Perfect for house training or dogs experiencing incontinence
  • Cleanup is quick & easy
  • Weight: 29 grams, Dimensions: 23 x 24 inches


Directions: Place the puppy pad on the floor, plastic side down. Introduce your dog to the puppy pad, and don't be discouraged if it doesn't take right away. Just keep returning your dog to the puppy pad until it happens. Replace when necessary.

Origin: USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Inferior pee pads, no quilting.

The pee pads are not quilted as a result the filling that is supposed to absorb the pee is clumped and there are areas where there is nothing to absorb the pee.As a result pee just sits in a puddle on the plastic. I would not recommend this product.


I've used this product many times. Good quality and great price.


Best animal supply in the world.

Terrible pads

these pads are flimsy and so light they won't even lay flat on the floor. If you or your pet walks by they either get caught by a foot or they just get folded over several times. I don't think they are nearly as absorbent as the large pads I typically get. I don't even know why I tried them really. Have been ordering the large pads for years and they work great. These have no substance to them. There isn't even absorbent material throughout the pads. Large areas of nothing but the bottom plastic layer and super flimsy top layer. Oh and the tear so easily. I have been constantly picking up wads of the absorbent stuffing all over my house.

Crate Pads

I use these Pads in my large crate for 2 Dogs. They have free access in a closed off sunroom, so crate doors are open while I'm at work. I also line the bottom with a reusable/washable pad, in case of leakage on edges/corner of puppy pads. They work great so far.


Great Value.


Fast service

American made should beat anything China can produce. Not this though!!

Was my previous order. Embarassing for U.S. made.

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