Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support Chewable Tablets for Cats, 60 Count

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These supplements are specifically formulated for cats and their special needs. Promotes urinary tract health with real cranberry and herbal extracts. Keeps your cat's urine acidic, which helps flush toxins, impurities and excessive mineral deposits out of the body. Helps prevent "blocked cat" syndrome. 60 chewable tabs.

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Perfect for urinary issues

My cats have benefited from this for years


Easy order fast delivery of products

Very good product

All my cats love this product. I originally bought this for my one cat because of a urinary issue but I give it to all 3 of them as a precaution.


This product is absolutely wonderful. About 2 years ago our orange tabby cat Linus developed a serious urinary tract infection. After visiting the vet to resolve it we were made aware that a trait of orange tabby cats especially males is that they tend to easily develop urinary tract infections. Vets best urinary tract support was recommended and we started him on it right away. Fast forward to now and we have been infection free the entire time he has taken it. It also helps that he loves eating the pill. If we have not given him his daily pill by 7 AM he is making sure we are aware that we are late. I have nothing but great things to say about it and highly recommend it for anybody that has had urinary issues.

Great value and my cat is nuts over them as a daily treat.

I original purchased a bottle of vets best for my cat that had uti but he doesn't seem to care much for these supplements. However, surprisingly my other cat who doesn't have uti issues goes blizzard over these as treats. He literally begs for them daily so now as the prices on them are going up, I manage to find it here at bulk for good value. I'm stocking up as I know my cat will be heartbroken if we don't have it for him anymore

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