Why You Should Choose Safe Dog Treats for Your Dog

Every pet owner wants the best for their dog, and that includes their treats. Unfortunately, dog owners should recognize that not all dog treats and chews are created equal. Your dog deserves a chew that’s not only tasty but great for their health — and it certainly doesn't hurt if it’s durable and long-lasting, too! 

If you’re looking for a chew that your dog will love, here’s why you should choose safe dog treats and how to find the option that’s just right for them.

Choosing Safe Dog Treats for Your Dog

The right dog chew can feel like your pet’s best friend — other than you, of course. But, it’s not only important to choose a treat that your dog finds delectable, but also one that makes them feel good from the inside out. 

Dog treats and chews to stay cautious of

    • Processed dog treats: All-natural treats are typically a better alternative to processed dog treats. While seemingly harmless, processed options can lead to significant health impacts including digestive tract blockage, choking, lacerations on the tonsils and more. 
    • Bone treats: While dogs can go crazy for a good bone treat, some pet owners have concerns about the digestibility of these options. Fortunately, bone treats aren’t inherently dangerous — it’s ultimately up to your dog’s preference while keeping in mind their chewing strength and general digestive health.
    • Rawhide: Rawhide has been a popular dog treat choice over the years because they’re typically long-lasting and filled with flavor. However, these options have caused similar concerns over digestibility. Certain dogs may have trouble chewing rawhide pieces down to a safe size, but there’s a variety of rawhide available — and how they’re produced can make a significant difference in safety. Monitoring your dog’s intake and taking the chew away before it becomes dangerous can help you ensure these tasty favorites aren’t causing any harm. 

The benefits of choosing healthy dog treats and chews


The benefits of choosing healthy dog treats and chews

Because of the health risks associated with some dog treat options, it’s best to choose high-value chews — so you can ensure your dog is both happy and feeling great. Healthier, natural dog treats can even provide your furry best friend with a number of important benefits as a result. These advantages include:


  • Better dental health: Natural dog treats can help your dog avoid artificial sweeteners or other harmful additives that can have detrimental effects on their teeth. Moreover, these healthy dog chews shouldn’t be too hard either — the right mix of durability and chewability is the ultimate goal. 


  • Improved mental well-being: According to the American Psychological Association, gut bacteria manufacture about 95% of the body’s supply of serotonin, which influences both mood and gastrointestinal activity. Processed dog food can cause imbalances in their gut which can have a significant impact on their mental health. High-value chews can keep your dog’s gut happy, which ultimately improves their mood. 
  • Lower risk of disease: A natural dog snack with high-quality ingredients and without harmful additives is an effective way to lower their risk of disease. 
  • Better digestion and stronger immunity: Healthier treats will be significantly easier for your dog to digest — without causing harmful gut imbalances. This will be important to not only improve digestion but build stronger immunity in the long run. 
  • Improved quality of life and longevity: Overall, it’s safe to say the dog treats you choose directly impacts how they act and feel. All of the benefits that healthy chews are able to provide can help your dog stay energetic, keep a shiny coat, improve their immunity and increase life expectancy — which is the dream of every pet owner. 


Natural Ingredients To Look For in Dog Chews

Natural Ingredients To Look For

A surefire way to guarantee you're getting the best dog chews is to pay close attention to the ingredients that are included. An ingredient list can give you a better understanding of what exactly your pet is consuming — but it’s essential to know what you’re looking for. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind to help you find the right dog treats with ease. 

The main things to consider when choosing treats and chews for your pets

  • The source of the ingredients: For those concerned about where the product and ingredients come from, it’s a safe bet to look for USA options.  Rest assured, you can feel confident that from start to finish those treats follow strict FDA guidelines.
  • The number of ingredients: This doesn’t necessarily mean that more ingredients are always a bad thing. Instead, it’s important to ensure that each ingredient is high-quality, considering the possible use of unwanted fillers, artificial colors and added flavor that you’re likely trying to avoid. 
  • The quality of the ingredients: While you avoid artificial flavoring — artificial peanut butter, sweet potato, chicken, pumpkin or other flavors — it’s also best to look at the fat and calorie content on the packaging. No one wants a pet treat that upsets their dog’s stomach or causes other health problems. 

How Can You Find the Right Healthy Treat for Your Dog?

Every dog is unique, which means finding a healthy treat that’s the right fit can feel daunting at first. Luckily, there are plenty of healthy options to choose from. As you explore your alternatives to find the right dog treats, there are a few questions to consider that can make your decision a bit easier. 

How thick does your dog chew need to be?

Pet supply vendors, such as ValuePetSupplies, offer a range of thickness sizes from extra thin to super jumbo. If your dog is a ferocious chewer, it’s best to go with a thicker size — so they can enjoy their healthy dog treat for longer. 

What length will be most suitable?

Similar to thickness, there is a wide range of sizes to consider — from 0 to 3 inches, all the way up to 36 inches. Any dog chew is intended to last, but it’s helpful to overestimate the size your dog will need to get the most bang for your buck. 

Are there any specific features you need to consider?

There are even an array of unique features that you might keep in mind. This includes whether you're looking for healthy dog chews that are low-odor, natural, made in the United States or even odor-free altogether. For those with a sensitive nose, these low-and-scent-free options can be a tremendous relief. 

Finding Healthy Dog Chews that Taste Great

Finding Healthy Dog Chews That Taste Great

With all of the benefits that healthy treats can provide, safe dog chews and treats are hard for any pet owner to overlook. If the dog chews you’ve relied on over the years aren’t doing enough for your pet, or have even been an active hindrance to their health, it’s a great time to make the switch — and ValuePetSupplies can make it easy. 

Our family-owned and operated business has enjoyed over 15 years of supplying and delighting customers with everything your pets need to stay in good health and feel their best. From bully sticks to collagen chews — the great single-ingredient alternatives to rawhide chews — we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the right healthy chews for your dog. 

If you’ve been looking for the safe and healthy dog chew your pup deserves, explore all of your options for bully sticks and collagen chews from ValuePetSupplies today. Feel free to contact us to place an order or to learn more about our products and offerings.