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Pricing increase and out of stock

I've been ordering these pee pads for my disable cats for years and the pads themselves are great. But the price increase is outrageous! I always got the 400 count pads and now not only are they continually out of stock but the prices for the 200 count is what I used to pay for the 400 count. You are pricing me right out of being able to afford them. I am now having to find another supplier. It's a shame because the pads themselves are wonderful.

Dangerous Silica Gel & Desiccant packets

Buyer beware, 30 plus finger size Silica Gel & Desiccant packets in a single box of bulk cow ears. They get stuck in the ears and your dog may unknowing eat these! While some of the ears were a decent size some were way to small for big dogs. Very disappointed and unhappy about this product.

Too pricey, for a China product

Use to buy these all the time, my furbabies loved them, but at this price I can no longer afford them. The prices are ridiculous for a product made in China 😞

delivery is excellent. Price has gone up significantly but what hasn't

My dog loves them, but they're very expensive.

They are a good size for aggressive chewer.

Best price I could find! My dogs love these things. I give them to the dogs when I am working out.

It works sufficiently for our dogs

They work. Our dog doesn’t mind wearing them.

I have ordered puppy pads for several years. Always excellent service and quality products.

My dogs love these sticks. Great price, would definitely buy here again. 🌟

A tad pricey on the smaller bags.

Great Seller, Great product & great price!!!!

Either I ordered the wrong ones this time or they are a lower quality replacement. The pee pads I normally order have a 1 1/2 inch non-absorbable edge, but these are at least 2 inches. That makes a big difference for my elderly cat that uses them.

The bully sticks my doberman LOVES. I love them to. Gives me a break when he is busy chewing away. I'm mystified why people are so uptight about the smell of bully sticks. THAT'S WHY DOGS LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!

The product is nice, bit alot smaller than anticipated. Nice for small dogs. I have a doberman and these pigs ears are like potato chips for him.

My dog loves anything duck flavored

My dog loves them and it gives me some free time

I was disappointed in the quality

The last 2 orders the pad sticks together normally the pad will open up easily last to orders pad sticks I've been buying these pads for years for my dogs

Wonderful. We have a husky who can’t be outside when we are not home, so have to make a doggy area for him. It works great.

A little expensive! Great product, dogs love them.

Just as in the previous order for "Thick" Bully Sticks, I could not use them for my Mini Double Doodle. I had paid for THICK (er) sticks because she was chewing through the regular sized sticks that I was buying locally.

These sticks are exactly the same diameter as regular bully sticks; thus my disappointment. My pup bit right through them and then choked on one that she was swallowing straight down her windpipe.

I had to get rid of both of the orders from this company. They had offered to return and refund the sticks but; in the meantime, I had disposed of them. Now I am out nearly $200 in product and still have no chews for my pup.