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price increased 100 % !

they increase the price to 100% for this ??
i have found similar pads for a lot less than this
thanks but no thanks.

Best Treats

We are so sad to have to wait for these chews to be back in stock. Buster learned many new tricks during our first order because he so desired these treats. John and I were glad to reward him with chews with such beneficial nutritional analyses.

Jake our 5 year old chocolate lab thinks they're terrific

My dog doesn't like them. He won't even take them from me.

My dogs love them but they are super small and don't last very long.

Good size and absorbent

Dogs love it owners love it and delivery on time

Superb customer service and response.

Dog loved them. They last long and do not make a big mess.

While they are very, very, very stinky my dogs just love them. We keep them in a sealed tin (because of the stink) and when the pooches here that tin lid open they come running. They just love the. We like them because they are single ingredient and low calories.

Best doggie pads and value for your money

Best housebreaking pad of several brands.

Good stuff. Substitute for bully sticks; they last about as long.

Good treat and supplies glucosamine and chondroitin.

less smell holds pee better.

Been testing out many different brands of puppy pads. Love these the best as the urine doesn"t spread all over the pad. It stays nice and confined. Also love the fact that these charcoal pads do not show the used spots (hardly), so the pad always look pretty clean. Will make these my Tiki's permanent pads.

My dog loves these but they are just too expensive in todays economy.

These pads completely eliminate odor.

Panama absolutely loves them. And when they get too small, the microwave brings them back to life for her to enjoy even further! So happy to have them in the house.