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So I purchased 100 of these think great I found a place that I can buy in bulk I have two big dogs and neither one of them like it at all and my dogs have never refused a treat. What a waste of money I’m stuck with all of these. Very disappointed

Quality has really gone down since year or so ago

I have been ordering pee pads from value pet supplies for several years for both my house and my daughter’s and the quality was the best. The pads stayed flat on the floor, the absorption was great, size was perfect. But about a year ago the pads I always got jumped in price significantly, then became unavailable altogether. The pads I’ve been getting are terrible. I am going to end up killing myself by slipping on them because the pee get under the pad and they are slippery, or just because they won’t lay flat. They are always bunched up or folding over. I’m trying to use more reusable pee pads for environmental reasons anyway but I have several senior rescues so I have pads everywhere. I guess I will just have to keep looking around for the type that works well.

First time trying these. They seem to last a really long time compared to other sticks -- which I love. Not sure, however, whether they gave my dog some digestive issues....will need to see what happens with the second one.

High quality bully sticks.

ValuePad Plus Carbon Puppy Pads, XXL Gigantic 28x44 Inch, 200 Count
peter malito

Best pads on the market

Hi give me five stars for value for money, since they were free! My dog enjoyed them

These are affordable, my dog likes them, and she takes a while to finish them, they aren't done in one or two bites. We'll probably purchase again.

These smell so bad: I do not have a great sense of smell but I can smell them when they are wrapped up in the plastic bag, in a box, with the cupboard closed. They Are also really tiny, they are size more for a 5 pound dog, not for my 45 pound dog. She can chew some of these up in one bite. She loves the bad stink though.

My dogs are loving the cow ears!

All 24". Not that thick. Softer than other bully sticks - 1 stick lasts less than an hour for my dog, whereas the same size in a different brand lasts about 5 hours all up. Seem to be much smellier as well, even when dry.

ValueBull Lamb Ears, 40 Count
Cindy O’Neill

My dogs love these. Not too big and not too small.

Dogs take a while to finish this because it's large and thick. Nice alternative to the smaller pieces if you want it to last longer

Best I've tryed just high prices Sincerely Joe Hyde

These diapers for very well and absorb a lot.

The best we're pads I've ever used!!

Was great in individual one pound bags I had ordered in the past,but the 10 lb. Bulk order was not dried sufficiently.
Dog still loved it but odor was overwhelming. Too much moisture.

I know these are great Bully Sticks. My Molly can't eat these any more they were a free sample when I bought her Puppy Pads. I shared them with a friend.

These are great Puppy pads. They don't rip or leak. My little Dog, Molly likes these. I'll be buying more.

I used to get around 240 of these for the same price. Quite a price hike.

The price keeps increasing, but the shipping is free!!