Discover a game-changing revenue stream for pet businesses through ValuePetSupplies. Reselling unbranded clear bag dog treats can be a lucrative branding opportunity or an add-on product for existing brands. Explore the benefits of private label dog treats today!

Always Free Shipping

ValuePetSupplies offers free shipping to resellers in the contiguous 48 states, saving money and providing a hassle-free experience. Focus on growing your pet business while they handle the delivery.

Friction Free Ordering offers a simple and accessible purchasing process for resellable dog treats. No special accounts or signups required. Easily browse and purchase from the extensive selection with utmost convenience and efficiency.

No Minimum Order

ValuePetSupplies private label DIY program eliminates minimum order quantities, allowing pet businesses of all sizes to effectively cater to their customer base. Enjoy the freedom of ordering as needed and offering fresh dog treats.

Custom branded dog treats offer a unique revenue stream for various pet businesses. Incorporate them to add value and convenience for customers. Collagen dog chews are popular, providing nutritional benefits and appealing to pet owners. Embrace the opportunities provided by private label dog treats and unlock your pet business's true potential today!

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