ValueBull Cheek Slices, Premium Beef Dog Chews, Thick 4-6 Inch, 480 Count BULK PACK - Angus Beef Dog Chews, Grass-Fed, Single Ingredient

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Features & Benefits:
  • HEALTHY DOG TREAT - For small dogs or moderate chewers
  • EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE - A tasty alternative to rawhide
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT - Sourced from free range cattle
  • GREAT FOR TEETH - Generates saliva that can help clean your dog's teeth
  • ALL NATURAL - Natural treats will vary in size & shape

ValueBull Beef Cheek Slices are the ideal treat for your curious and adventurous dog. These treats are made from natural beef cheek, which is the skin of the cow's face. Beef cheek is a fresh and raw ingredient, that is sourced from free range cattle. These treats are chewy and durable, with a natural beef flavor that your dog will love. They also have a unique shape and texture, that will engage your dog's curiosity and challenge their chewing skills. As your dog chews, they will also benefit from the natural dental hygiene, as these treats help scrape away tartar and plaque, and generate saliva that can help clean their teeth. ValueBull Beef Cheek Slices are natural and safe treats, that are inspected by our team for quality and consistency. They will vary in size and shape, but they will always delight your dog. ValueBull Beef Cheek Slices are the perfect treat for your dog's curiosity.

Ingredients: Beef cheek 

Origin: Türkiye

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Page Harrison
Have not received

Placed order 5 days ago and still have not received bones or an update on when they will be delivered. Second time this has happened!

Barbara Sorg
Was charged $3.00 more this time.

I think I was charged three dollars more because of taxes?? I live in Oregon and don’t pay sales tax.

Heather Leech
some edible some too thick for Dobermans

Inconsistent in texture and size, It’s some edible some too thick for Dobermans. I’d say half my dogs find too hard to crunch into. Some are like cement. I can’t use 60%, even if my husband chops them smaller with an axe or a saw. Too bad. They love them if they can chew them. They can chew wood so it’s hard to believe they are harder than wood.

Mark Miller
Inferior to previous Beef Cheek Slices

I purchased these because what I normally get has been out of stock for a while. They were hard, natural looking (think brown irregular shaped skin) and smelling (earthy).
These aren't even close. Bright white and rectangle/ spongy with slight chemical (bleach?) smell. Was confident and at ease giving previously to my large Golden. These I am definitely leary of.

Amy Spaulding

Great qualty cheek chews ! My dogs love them !

Diane Robinson

These were much wider than expected, making them huge. I still have one of my rottie pups that can have it gone in an hour or less.

Joan Pacioretty

My 2 dogs love it. Always whining for more.
I'll be buying more bulk beef cheek chews

Olivia Houck

Really happy with these chews for my dog. They're a bit more smelly than other beef cheek chews that I've tried, but its not enough to bother me and it definitely gets my dog interested! They're pretty long lasting without being so hard that she risks breaking a tooth. Some are definitely bigger than others, but on average I'm happy with the size for the price. Will definitely be buying more of these in a larger quantity!