ValueBull Braided Beef Gullet Sticks For Dogs, Thick 6", 50 ct. - Beef Esophagus Dog Treats, Chondroitin Joint Support

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Features & Benefits:
  • JOINT JERKY DOG TREATS - Braided gullet beef stick treats with glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joint support
  • COW JERKY DOG CHEW - 100% beef chew, single ingredient dog treats, naturally grain free and high protein
  • PET DENTAL HEALTH - Chewing action naturally scrapes away plaque, great as a dog teething chew or as a joint stick for light chewers
  • HEALTHY DOG, HAPPY DOG - High quality beef gullet sticks are a safe and digestible way to promote natural pet joint health
  • GOOD FOR THE GUT - Oven baked gullet dog treats are free of additives, hormones and unhealthy chemicals

ValueBull 6 Inch Beef Gullet Braids will keep your dog jumping like a pup. This woven dog jerky treat has a flavor and odor your dog will absolutely crave. Rawhide-free dog chew esophagus treats offer a savory serving of protein without any harmful additives or chemicals. The braided texture of these treats will provide an intriguing chew session for less aggressive chewers, older dogs, or even as a puppy teething stick to spare your furniture.

Features and Benefits:
  • 6 Inch dog gullet sticks are great as a small dog joint support treat or a fun chew for larger dogs.
  • High quality joint chew made of 100% beef with no radiation or additives.
  • Easily digested joint health glucosamine chondroitin sticks are a great alternative to rawhide.
  • Add dental benefits as your dog's natural chewing action scrapes away plaque, stimulates gums and generates healthy saliva.
  • We hand inspect all natural treats for quality and consistency; some natural variation to be expected.
  • Origin: Sourced from Brazil, produced by ValuePetSupplies, family owned and operated since 2004.
Ingredients: Beef Esophagus

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Introduce new protein-rich natural treats (a treat your pet has never eaten before) on a gradual basis (one every three days). We recommend no more than one stick per day once your pet has been acclimated to them. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Customer Reviews

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Lorie Grg
Very much loved by all!

All of my dog love the braided gullets. I easily unbraid for the little one. They don't last long like a bully, but they're safer, easily chewed.

Robert DeRosa
Excellent treats

My pups love them!!!! Actually they enjoy everything we have purchased from your company. This is the first time for the gullets. They are a huge hit

Jami Miller
Braided Beef Gullets

Great job in order fullfillment and delivery! Not only that but all 3 of my dogs absolutely love beef gullets.


Because my dogs love them


Our 3 dogs love these. We have 110 lb, 40 lb and 30 lb dogs. All can handle these safely. And the braids aren't super tight so they unravel and the dogs get 3 treats for the price of one! And these are not gross smelling or easy to swallow whole like bully pieces. I've had to do the Heimlich on one of the dogs as they were choking on a bully piece they tried to swallow whole.


My dog likes it.


My dogs love them. Easy to un-braid. The little one gets one strand while the bigger one gets the whole thing. Don't compare to bully sticks because they're not.