ValueBull Collagen Sticks, Beef Dog Chews, Medium 6 Inch, 100 Count BULK PACK - Natural & Safe, Single Ingredient, Rawhide-Free, Long Lasting, Healthy for Hips, Joints, Skin & Coat

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Features & Benefits:
  • Long-lasting, rawhide-free dog chews from all-natural beef skin's inner layer
  • Nutrient-packed, grain-free single-ingredient beef dog treats
  • Support joint, skin, and coat health with natural beef collagen
  • Natural plaque removal through chewing, stimulates gums, and generates healthy saliva
  • Additive-free, hormone-free, and chemical-free dog collagen treats

ValueBull Beef Collagen Sticks will keep your dog jumping like a puppy. Like our famous bully sticks, this healthy collagen beef stick is long-lasting with a flavor and odor your dog will absolutely crave, plus the added benefits of collagen's proven support for bone and joint health. These easily digestible dog chew treats are produced without harmful additives or chemicals and may support healthy joints, skin, and coat. Beef corium comes from the bottom-most layer of the beef hide, providing a challenging chew-time puzzle to keep those busy jaws away from your slippers. These all-natural treats are hand-inspect for quality and consistency; some natural variation is to be expected.

Origin: India & Mexico

Ingredients: 100% Beef Corium

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Introduce new natural treats (a treat your pet has never eaten before) gradually (one every three days). We recommend no more than one collagen stick per day once your pet acclimates to them. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Customer Reviews

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I Love the value and my dogs love these bones. Win win! 🥇


Product was as displayed, took awhile for the dogs to take to it, but once they started chewing the liked them

Lynnetta Braatz


Dogs can be allergic to collagen

Our dogs really did like them and they were good for their teeth. Because our dogs are so spoiled, I would rotate several different treats. However, as the other ones were used up, I was just giving them the collagen treats. One was getting bumps in certain places and the other started loosing hair and scratching all the time. It turned out they are allergic to the collagen sticks. Not every dog is but it's something to be aware of. ValueBull gave me a discount code for something else since I cannot give the rest to my dogs.

James E.
Siberian Husky tested.

I have a Siberian Shepard. He's a chewer. I get him the medium size and he loves them. He gets one every night around 6:30pm. Every evening he goes to the snack cabinet and taps on the door. He knows what time it is. IT'S CHEWY TIME!! I chase him around yelling I'm going to get that CHEWY. and when I sit down he drops it at my feet and steps back challenging me to grab it. He's such a goofball. It only lasts 15 minutes but it's his favorite. All my dogs have loved them. And I've tried several items but always go back to these.

Ordered thick and got a box of one thick for every 15 thin chews

I ordered a box of 100 thick 6” chews. Reordered from this company after we ordered 50 12” thick collagen sticks in the past without any issue. This time we got a box which contained 1 thick chew for every 15 thin chew in there. I contacted the company bc I wanted this rectified as my big Labs will chew these thin sticks in minutes. I got no response asking what I wanted. Then a random $30 store credit which certainly does not help me with the box of 100 that are basically useless for the size/type of dog I have.

@lways Beanies and More
Happy Dogs

I can always count on Value Pet Supplies to get our dogs their collagen sticks in a timely manner. We have been a customer for years and the dogs know when their b-o-n-e-s are here, even when we spell it, lol. Thank you Value Pet Supplies ♥️

Knoles Nolen
Love it

These collagen chews have been such a life saver since bully sticks are so expensive. I board dogs for clients out of my home so I usually have 4-8 dogs in my home on a regular basis. Being able to buy in bulk has been so helpful. The ordering process and shipping is quick. We will continue to order here in the future.