ValueBull Lamb Lung Sticks, Premium 40 Pounds WHOLESALE PACK - All Natural Dog Chews, Grass-Fed, Single Ingredient

ValueBullSKU: VP04645-10LB-4PK
UPC: 191938070880

SOLD OUT, but we're working on it!
Features & Benefits:
  • OOO THAT SMELL - Strong natural aroma that dogs crave!
  • EASY TO CHEW - Soft, chewy treats, perfect for dogs of any size
  • LIMITED INGREDIENTS - Healthy and fully digestible, contains only 1 ingredient, lamb lung
  • DENTAL BENEFITS - Chewing action helps clean teeth & gums
  • Country of origin - Turkey

Indulge your furry friend with the strong natural aroma they crave! ValueBull Lamb Lung Sticks, made of only tasty lamb with no chemicals or additives, are the ideal solution for dogs with allergies or those on a lamb-only diet. These soft treats offer a delectable experience for dogs of any size.

Crafted with a single ingredient, lamb lung, these treats are not just delicious but also easily digestible. As your dog savors each chewy stick, the natural chewing action becomes a dental ally, helping rub away tartar and plaque for improved oral health.

Beyond the joy they bring, ValueBull Lamb Lung Sticks are a healthy treat option. They cater to dogs of all sizes and are designed for easy digestion, making them a guilt-free reward for your pet.

Embrace the natural variation in these treats, a testament to their authentic nature. At Value Pet Supplies, we inspect every treat for quality, ensuring your pup gets nothing but the best.

Choose ValueBull Lamb Lung Sticks – where aroma meets health, and your dog's joy takes center stage. Treat them to a snack that's as pure and delightful as their wagging tail. Because for your pup, only the finest will do!

Ingredients: Lamb Lung 

Origin: Turkey

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature.