ValueWrap Carbon Male Wraps Disposable Dog Diapers, 1-Tab Large, 144 Count - Male Wraps, Activated Charcoal Odor Control, Incontinence, Snag-Free Fastener, Leak Protection, Wetness Indicator

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Specially designed for male dogs, our ValueWrap Carbon Disposable 1-Tab Male Dog Wraps features a layer of activated carbon to neutralize odors while the super absorbent polymer (SAP) core absorbs wetness and holds in the mess. The single snag-free tab makes changing the wrap quick and easy. Ideal for puppies yet to be housetrained or dogs that suffer from urinary problems or marking. To help prevent your dog from staying in a wet wrap, three wetness indicator lines show when it's time for a change.

Features & Benefits:
  • ODOR ABSORBENT WRAPS - Specifically designed for male dogs, these activated carbon doggie diapers have 4.5 gram super absorbent polymer that turns liquid to gel and traps moisture; odor control
  • Activated charcoal layer absorbs odors
  • THE RIGHT FIT - Large dog diapers for male dogs; recommended Waist Size: 22-27 inches
  • Available in X-Small, Small, Medium & Large - please measure your dog's waist to find the right fit
  • Single tab design makes wrap changes faster & easier
  • Perfect for puppies yet to be housetrained or dogs that suffer from urinary problems
  • Designed to keep him covered up without hindering movement
  • Three wetness indicator lines show when it's time to change the wrap

Directions: Pull the adjustable tab around the waist and secure. Change when needed. Watch for the indicator lines to change colors. For maximum absorption, ensure the band's placement on the underside lines up with the entry point at the center of the wrap. Affix the tabs securely to prevent the band from shifting on the waist. If the wrap does not stay in place, consider going down a size.

Origin: China

Male Wraps are made specifically for male dogs experiencing urinary problems. We also offer ValueWrap Disposable Diapers for female dogs in heat, housetraining, or dogs suffering from incontinence and dogs defecating in areas they aren't supposed to.