Are Collagen Chews Safe For Dogs

Collagen chews for dogs seem to be somewhat new on the scene and you have some questions. Where did this stuff come from? Is it a supplement? Is it a trend? Most importantly, is it safe? 

The short answer is that collagen isn’t actually new. The health benefits of collagen are a hot topic of discussion in human health and fitness which is why this natural treat is suddenly in the spotlight. While collagen supplements for humans have been extensively studied and found to be safe, many pet owners wonder if collagen treats for dogs are safe to use. In this blog post, we will explore the safety of collagen treats for dogs.

Is Collagen a Supplement

Is Collagen a Supplement?

Collagen for dogs is widely available in many forms. You can buy collagen as a protein powder, small manufactured vitamin-like chews, or preferably in the form of a collagen-rich natural chew. Unlike natural chews, powders, tablets, and biscuits may contain a variety of extra ingredients that cause you to wonder whether your dog even needs collagen in the first place.

The main benefits of collagen for dogs is that it can help promote healthy skin, coat, and joints. Collagen itself is an essential component of connective tissues, so supplementing with collagen can help support healthy joints and reduce the risk of arthritis. Additionally, collagen can help improve the appearance of your dog's coat and skin, making it shinier and healthier-looking.

All of that can all be achieved with natural collagen sticks and chews. Single ingredient all natural beef collagen chews are fine for nearly any dog, whether they have a specific need or not. Much like bully sticks, collagen in this form is simply a delicious all-beef chew that just happens to carry all those great healthy benefits.

Is Collagen New

Is Collagen Safe? Where Does It Come From?

Collagen as a concept is almost as old as life on earth. It is an essential building block of every animal that walks, crawls or swims. 

Chewing on collagen-rich treats for dogs is also not new. Collagen comes from corium, the inner layer of beef hide. Dogs have been chewing on beef hide for ages. What’s new is the idea of separating the corium layer to create a completely digestible sheet that can be formed into any shape. 

Collagen based chews for dogs are very big news right now (for great reasons) but there is nothing new or troubling about the treat itself.

Are Collagen Chews Safe For Dogs?

Yes. Most dogs are perfectly safe chewing on all natural collagen dog chews. Corium is a delicious all-beef single ingredient that chews easily when moistened by your dog’s saliva and breaks down readily in their gut.

Your dog is green-lit to simply enjoy the chew for what it is and meanwhile collagen’s secret weapon of healthy proteins and amino acids will do all the heavy lifting - building back your dog’s muscles, bones, joints, soft skin, and their now amazingly shiny coat.

Choose the right beef collagen chew for your dog’s size and habits. Large dogs may enjoy jumbo, super jumbo or 12 inch sticks. Busy enthusiastic chewers may benefit from braids or rings. Casual chewers may enjoy our spirals or chips. 

Always supervise your dog when offering treats and be sure to provide plenty of fresh drinking water.