Collagen Sticks vs Bully Sticks - What's the Difference?

Whether you are new to the world of natural dog chews or a lifelong leader of the pack, it can be difficult to sort out which of the various meaty sticks, knots and gnarls are right for your dog. For instance, what's the difference between collagen chews for dogs and bully sticks? I'm glad you asked!

Collagen vs Bully Sticks - Round 1 - Bully Sticks

Bully Sticks for Dogs

Bully Sticks are made from the dried or baked pizzle (yes, it's what you think) of a bull. It is made of pure beef muscle which, when dried, is incredibly tough and durable. 

It is first stretched out into a roughly 36 inch "bully cane" which is generally chopped into 6 inch or 12 inch sticks. Bully sticks can be shaped into braids, rings, and spirals in various thicknesses from extra thin and thin to thick and even SUPER jumbo.

Bully Sticks often have a strong natural smell which increases when the dog starts chewing. It may be hard for the new bully stick buyer to believe, but your dog will go absolutely bananas for that smell and flavor.

Bully Sticks Benefits

  • The long lasting chew is intended as a safe and digestible replacement for rawhide. While they start out tough and hard, they are 100% all natural beef and your dog's stomach will have no trouble breaking it down.
  • Bully sticks are high protein, low fat chew that is also completely digestible. This single ingredient chew is guaranteed to satisfy your pup between meals.
  • Bully sticks have proven dental benefits. Like many durable treats, chewing bully sticks helps gently scrape away tartar and plaque while encouraging healthy saliva production.

Collagen for Dogs

Collagen is one of the most structurally important proteins in your dog's body. It holds everything together from bones and muscle to skin and fur. 

Collagen Sticks for dogs are visually similar to Bully Sticks with their reddish brown color but they are different from bully sticks in many ways.

Rather than beef muscle, Collagen dog chews come from the corium, the bottom layer of beef skin. While it comes from the hide, it's not the same as rawhide. Collagen is completely digestible. 

Since the raw materials start out as a single sheet of corium, collagen for dogs offer a lot of different opportunities for shapes and sizes. It’s available in 6 inch and 12 inch sticks, braids, rings and twists and also in chips and rolls.

Like a bully stick, collagen treats for dogs are a long lasting, pure beef single ingredient chew, but unlike bully sticks Collagen contains a number of proactive health benefits.

Collagen Benefits

  • Collagen keeps joints moving freely. Collagen for dogs supports healthy cartilage and improved bone density while also helping combat the inflammation that can make joints sore in the first place.
  • Collagen chews can help keep your dog strong. The adventures your dog has during the day take a toll on their muscles and collagen can help build them back up. Ligaments, tendons, everything benefits from safe collagen for dogs.
  • Collagen dog chews make their coats shiny and soft. It helps keep their skin hydrated from the inside where it counts most and supports the fur and undercoat that help keep your dog warm and safe.

Collagen Vs Bully Sticks - Choosing the Right Chew

Deciding on the best natural chew for your dog is no small task. The market is full of both compelling options as well as dubious claims.

The decision might be as simple as the ingredients. Both bully sticks and collagen treats for dogs make that part simple - 100% beef, fully digestible, simple as can be. Both will keep your dog busy and happy while keeping their teeth clean and their bellies full of healthy satisfying protein. 

Your dog needs to chew, why not make that experience both delicious and beneficial? Collagen is a pure beef chew with no additives or mysterious chemicals with added benefits that can’t be overstated. Collagen dog treats come with a host of healthy amino acids to keep your furry friend strong, supple, soft and shiny in shapes and sizes to suit any dog.