Collagen Chews For Dogs - Everything You Need To Know!
Collagen Collagen Collagen... whether you apply it to your face in the morning or take it in a capsule at night, there's a good chance you’ve been experimenting with the latest health and beauty trend — but is collagen just another craze? Not unless being alive and in one piece is a craze!
With collagen sticks becoming an increasingly popular choice for pet owners trying to keep their dogs happy and healthy, we’re taking a closer look at all things collagen and the benefits it can provide for the pup in your life.
Collagen for Dogs - What Is Collagen

What Is a Collagen Stick?

Before diving into collagen chews for dogs, you might be wondering what collagen is exactly. Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in any living animal. As the main component of connective tissue, it’s the most versatile "glue" in all of biology — simultaneously providing strength, flexibility and healing. 

Collagen is a fusion of specific amino acids, including proline, glycine, hydroxyproline and arginine, combined with vitamin C and other minerals. This beneficial collagen protein occurs naturally in both dogs and humans but it’s important to note that the collagen levels in our bodies decrease as we age. As a result, dog owners have been turning to these chews to ensure their dogs have the collagen levels needed to maintain their joint, bone, skin and dental health long-term. 


Collagen For Dogs - Collagen Sticks Dog Chews

Collagen chews for dogs

With a collective growing interest in collagen and its possible advantages, there’s a variety of collagen supplements available from collagen powder to soft chews. But, similar to vitamins and minerals, it’s beneficial to get nutrients from whole food sources whenever possible. What if we told you that in this case, you can simply buy a giant stick of the stuff? 

Collagen Chews are single-ingredient dog chews that are similar to popular natural chews like bully sticks, but instead of being formed from muscle tissue, these sticks are made from the collagen-rich corium layer of beef skin. This layer is subsequently baked or dried to form a durable single-sheet, rolled into a delicious treat that will keep your dog busy for a good amount of time.

Everything You Need To Know About Collagen Chews

If you’ve been thinking about adding collagen sticks to your dog’s diet, you’re certainly not alone. While the collagen craze continues, here’s everything you need to know about collagen sticks to get you started.

How are collagen sticks different from rawhide?

Like rawhide, collagen sticks are meant to be chewed and peeled apart by busy and enthusiastic chewers. However, beef collagen sticks are not the same as rawhide, but, rather, they’re considered a healthier alternative to rawhide chews. 

Rawhide chews, while a delicious treat for dogs, aren’t easily digestible and end up causing unnecessary digestive discomfort. Collagen sticks, on the other hand, are a safe, beneficial and fully digestible alternative — with the long-lasting chew you expect from a durable natural treat plus a beefy natural flavor dogs crave. Just like human collagen supplements, they contain actual nutrients like amino acids, peptides, glucosamine and chondroitin while being digested significantly easier without any bleaches, preservatives or additives. 

Do collagen sticks have a strong smell?

If you’re a pet owner with a sensitive nose, you’ll be happy to hear the answer is no. Finding delicious treats that your pup will love that won’t stink up the house can be more than difficult. Luckily, beef collagen sticks are not only high in protein but virtually odor-free. Your dog can enjoy a treat that’s just as alluring as any other dog chew, without the odor or mess. 

Which Collagen Stick Is Right For My Dog

Which collagen stick is right for my dog?

Every dog is unique, which means finding the collagen stick that’s just right for your dog might take some trial and error. Fortunately, collagen is a forgiving dog chew that’s fully digestible and safe for most dogs regardless of size, so choosing the best collagen stick for your dog isn't a particularly daunting task.

One thing we find that holds true though - bigger is generally better. Many customers looking to save some money or try something new will start out with the thinner sticks and are disappointed that their pet megalodon has devoured them all like a bowl of pretzel sticks. 

So is your dog a powerful gnasher? A Rottweiler with bear-trap jaw strength? We strongly recommend you step up to thick collagen sticks or even jumbo collagen sticks. If the thicker sticks still don't slow them down, try our 12-inch collagen sticks, which will surely give them some competition. 

Small to medium dogs are welcome to experiment with all sizes starting with extra-thin collagen sticks and thin collagen stickspossibly upgrading to medium collagen sticks for the dog that’s small but mighty. 

No matter what size you choose, the natural health benefits of collagen sticks and some frantically wagging tails are included at no charge at all sizes! 

Benefits of Collagen for Dogs

The Benefits of Collagen for Dogs

If the odor-free and delicious nature of collagen sticks isn’t enough, there are a variety of possible health benefits to consider as well. As collagen production goes down over time, these chews are an effective supplement to give your dog’s the collagen boost they need. An increase in collagen peptides can lead to benefits for your dog including:

    • Tissue repair: Not only is collagen a key element in warding off inflammation and injury but this favorable ingredient also protects them from the many micro-tears and abrasions a dog's body experiences just from day-to-day activity.
    • Joint support and reduced joint pain: Collagen keeps your dog's tendons flexible and strong while also fortifying the cartilage that cushions their bones. This helps support healthy inflammatory responses that can mitigate joint-related discomfort while protecting your dog from friction brought on by osteoarthritis
    • Bone strength and mobility: Beef collagen sticks release collagen peptides and amino acids into the muscles and ligaments which ultimately improve strength and mobility. These protein sticks enhance dog bone density while helping produce new bone to heal injuries. 
    • Soft, healthy skin: This supplement improves the hydration of your dog's skin which is comprised of nearly 75% collagen. As a result, your dog can have healthy, moisturized, elastic skin with a soft, shiny coat to match.
    • Dental health: Beef collagen sticks are a remarkably low-fat and high-protein delicacy for the special pup in your life, and they can even brighten your dog’s smile. The tough texture and rolled sheet format essentially act as a toothbrush — gently scrubbing away the plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth and stimulating their gums as they chew. This even promotes healthy gastrointestinal function. 

Not only are collagen sticks a great choice for any pet owner that wants to support the joint, skin and dental health of their dog, but they may be the perfect option for a senior dog that needs the extra support. Considering collagen production goes down over time, it’s the perfect treat for an older dog that needs a boost in their overall health — to keep them happy and fit for longer.

Choosing Your Collagen Dog Chews With Value Pet Supplies

With all of the benefits that collagen chews can provide for your dog, it might be a good idea to add this delicious protein supplement to their diet. If you’re ready to give your dog the treat they deserve, ValuePetSupplies can help. Our family-owned and operated business has enjoyed over 15 years of supplying and delighting customers with everything your pets need to stay lively, energetic and feeling their best. 

We know every dog is unique, and with our catalog, you can choose from a wide range of collagen sticks, while specifying any thickness, length or shape your special pup needs. At ValuePetSupplies, our mission is to ensure your dog is happy and healthy, providing tasty dog chews they’ll love, without any unhealthy bleaches, preservatives or additives. 

Beef collagen sticks are a great choice to support your dog’s joints, strength, mobility, skin, teeth and overall health, without the odor or mess. Explore all of your options for collagen sticks from ValuePetSupplies today, and feel free to contact us to place an order or to learn more about our products and offerings.