Collagen For Dogs - Everything You Need To Know!
Collagen Collagen Collagen... whether you apply it to your face in the morning or take it in a capsule at night, there's a good chance someone reading this blog has been experimenting with the latest health and beauty trend - but is collagen safe for your dog? Is collagen just another craze? Not unless being alive and in one piece is a craze!
Collagen for Dogs - What Is Collagen

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in any living animal. It is the most versatile "glue" in all of biology, simultaneously providing strength, flexibility and healing. 

Collagen is a combination of amino acids including proline and glycine combined with vitamin C and other minerals. Collagen occurs naturally in both dogs and humans but our bodies produce less and less of it as we age. 

Collagen supplementation may give a boost to the body as production slows. Collagen peptides can assist your dog's body with:

  • Tissue Repair - Not just inflammation and injury, but the many small micro-tears and abrasions a dog's body experiences just from day to day activity
  • Joint Function - Keeping your dog's tendons flexible and strong while also fortifying the cartilage that cushions their bones
  • Bone Strength - Improving dog bone density while also helping produce new bone to heal injuries
  • Thick Shiny Fur - Doesn't everyone want that?
  • Soft, Healthy Skin - Improves the hydration of your dog's skin which is, itself, comprised of nearly 75% collagen!
  • Reduced Pain - Protects your dog from the inflammation and friction brought on by osteoarthritis 

But is collagen good for dogs? Is collagen safe for dogs??

Collagen For Dogs - Collagen Sticks Dog Chews

Collagen Sticks for Dogs

There are many types of collagen supplement available including powders and soft chews but as with vitamins and minerals, it is often beneficial to get nutrients from whole foods whenever possible. What if we told you that in this case you can simply buy a giant stick of the stuff? 

Collagen Sticks are single-ingredient dog chews that are similar to popular natural chews like bully sticks but instead of being formed from muscle tissue, these sticks are rolled from the collagen-rich corium layer of beef skin. 

But collagen is not rawhide. Collagen is a fully digestible rawhide alternative that has all the long-lasting chew you expect from a durable natural treat plus a beefy natural flavor dogs crave.

They are high in protein and virtually odor free. When chewed, collagen sticks release all the peptides and amino acids discussed above, allowing all the benefits to work their way naturally through your dog's body.  Which Collagen Stick Is Right For My Dog

 Which Collagen Stick Is Right For My Dog?

Collagen is a forgiving dog chew in that it is fully digestible and safe for most dogs to chew regardless of size, so choosing the best collagen stick for your dog isn't a particularly daunting task.

One thing we find that holds true though - bigger is generally better. Many customers looking to save some money or try something new will start out with the thinner sticks and are disappointed that their pet megalodon has devoured them all like a bowl of pretzel sticks. 

So is your dog a powerful gnasher? A Rottweiler with bear-trap jaw strength? We strongly recommend you step up to thick collagen sticks or even jumbo collagen sticks. If the thicker sticks still don't slow them down, try our 12 inch collagen sticks

Small to medium dogs are welcome to experiment with all sizes starting with extra-thin collagen sticks and thin collagen sticks possibly upgrading to medium collagen sticks for the li'l tough guys. 

No matter what you choose, the natural health benefits of collagen sticks and some frantically wagging tails are included at no charge at all sizes!