OUT! Pet Care Disposable Female Dog Diapers | Absorbent with Leak Proof Fit | XS/Small, 16 Count

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Help prevent pet accidents and reduce unnecessary clean-ups with OUT! Disposable Female Dog Diapers with Tail-Hole These wraps provide a soft, leak-proof fit with adjustable, fur-friendly fasteners and a super-absorbent core to give your pup a secure and comfortable fit. They're simple and easy to use, and designed to fit female dogs. A convenient, disposable diaper is the perfect solution for the female dog in season, temporary incontinence, excitable urination, territorial marking issues or other issues affecting her ability to urinate appropriately. They're also great for protecting her kennel and bedding while traveling.,
    New adjustable fit!
  • Sized for 4 to 15 pounds and waist size 13-18
  • inches
  • Repositionable tabs for a secure and comfortable, leak free fit
  • Perfect for females in season and for untrained puppies
  • Great to use for dogs with incontinence and excitable urination
  • 16 Diapers per pack
  • 100% leak-proof guarantee
  • Attaches securely
  • Disposable requires no cleaning
  • For females in season, incontinence and excitable urination

Customer Reviews

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don't purchase

I found, much to my dismay after reading glowing reviews, that the diapers leak. The absorbing portion of the diapers is so thin, that the urine comes out along both sides.



Good Product / Good Price

I have a Miniature Dachshund that experienced a back injury some years ago. As time has passed, while she is mobile, she has lost complete control of her bladder. I've tried several brands of disposable diapers in several sizes and have found the OUT XS/S to be a good choice at a very good price. The combination of the extra small and small size into one size seems to give more latitude in gaining a correct fit due to her petite waist. The extra sticky closure tabs hold very well. However, they are prone to collect hair which reduces their holding power significantly. I only mention this because I remove and re-install, her diaper, providing that it is not saturated, when she goes outside with her two friends. All in all I am very satisfied with this product at this time.

love these

These are a lifesaver for me and my dog! !

Good Diapers

These Diapers were really good, but would like better if they had the absorbent padding around the tail hole...tends to get some leakage because it doesn't. But other than that..Very good product for the price..and free shipping is great.99595594

Great product, Great price

I recently purchased the small disposable diaper 256 package. I had purchased another brand that was very good but expensive .. I thought I would try these.. I saved $69 on my purchase and hoped these diapers would be just as good as the ones I was using. Well they are !! Great product and will purchase again !!!

Good Product. Got 4 correct packages and 4 incorrect

We like the product. We ordered 8 packages of Small. We received 4 packages of Small and 4 packages of Extra Small. We are going to try to see if the Extra Small will work. Thank you for the product.

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