ValueBull Lamb Ears Dog Chews, Varied Shapes, Sizes & Colors, 20 Pound WHOLESALE PACK - All Natural Dog Treats, Single Ingredient Rawhide Alternative

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Features & Benefits:
  • NATURAL LAMB TREATS - These lamb ears will come in varied shapes and sizes. Their taste, texture and chew challenge will appeal to your dog's inherent craving for something natural and are sure to become one of your dog's favorite rewards.
  • HEALTHY DOG TREATS - These wholesome treats are naturally low in fat, high in protein and easily digestible.
  • ALTERNATIVE TO COW & PIG EARS - ValueBull Lamb Ears are perfect for dogs with beef or pork allergies.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT - No additives, chemicals or preservatives - no mystery ingredients. A healthy natural dog treat at a great price.
  • GOOD FOR TEETH - Provided on a regular basis, chewing on Lamb Ears will promote healthy teeth and gums.

Treat your pup to a sensory delight with ValueBull Lamb Ears Dog Chews, Varied Shapes – an experience that goes beyond your average dog treat. Crafted to appeal to all senses, these natural treats are not just about taste; they offer a texture and chew that your dog will relish.

Perfect for medium dogs, puppies, and smaller breeds with strong chew drives, these lamb ears are a fantastic alternative to traditional cow and pig ears. Naturally low in fat and high in protein, they provide a wholesome option for your pet's snack time.

Oven-baked to perfection, these lamb ears maximize flavor, creating a treat that your dog won't be able to resist. Beyond the taste, the time and effort your dog invests in chewing these treats stimulate their mind and teeth, curbing destructive chewing tendencies.

Promoting dental health, these lamb ears are highly digestible and serve as a single-ingredient alternative to rawhide. Free from artificial colors, flavors, and chemicals, they prioritize your pet's well-being.

Embrace the natural variation in shape and size – a testament to the authenticity of these treats. Every piece is hand-inspected for the best quality, ensuring your pup receives a snack that meets the highest standards.

Choose ValueBull Lamb Ears Dog Chews, Varied Shapes – where sensory delight meets health, and your dog's joy knows no bounds. Treat them to an experience that engages their senses and supports their well-being. Because for your pup, only the finest will do!


Ingredients: Lamb Ear 

Origin: Türkiye

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature.