NEW- ValueBull USA Beef Collagen Retriever Rolls, Varied Shapes, Medium, 2 Pounds - Single Ingredient, Rawhide-Free, Natural Dog Chews, Healthy for Hips, Joints, Skin & Coat

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Features & Benefits:
  • LONG LASTING RAWHIDE DOG CHEWS - Full Grain, using both the upper and outer layer of the hide, provides a stronger chew that does not break up or become brittle, making our rolled rawhides safe long lasting chews
  • 100% NATURAL BEEFHIDE ROLLS - Single ingredient natural dog chews are made from USA sourced beef hide with no added chemicals or fillers - Natural color and size variation will occur
  • ODORLESS RAWHIDE RETRIEVER ROLLS FOR DOGS - Our whole grain thick cut beef hides (lasts much longer than traditional rawhide) will occupy your dog without stinking up the house or staining the floor
  • GOOD FOR THE GUT - Valuebull rawhide rolls are naturally grain-free, protein-packed, sugar free and low fat - hand inspected for quality and safety
  • PET DENTAL HEALTH - We make our dog chews long lasting for aggressive chewers with a texture that naturally scrapes away plaque and tartar

Dogs have an inherent love for chewing, turning it into a dedicated hobby. ValueBull USA Rawhide Retriever Rolls enable you to support your pet's jaw-some pastime without worrying about sacrificed furniture. These rolled rawhide treats present a textured and flavorful puzzle that not only entertains but also promotes dental health, combating doggie breath and leaving you both with brighter smiles. Discover the ValueBull difference: Rawhide bones and chews are free from added dyes, salt, preservatives, grains, or additives, ensuring a pure chewing experience. Crafted from Full Grain, utilizing both upper and outer hide layers, our rolls provide a durable chew that remains safe and long-lasting. High-quality, no-filler dog rolled rawhide made from 100% beef hide, delivering a premium and natural treat for your pet. Challenging rolls start tough and engaging, gradually softening as your dog chews for extended enjoyment. Dental benefits abound as your dog's natural chewing action scrapes away tartar, stimulates gums, and generates healthy saliva. Our natural treats undergo hand inspection for quality and consistency, embracing the expected variation in size, shape, and color. Choose ValueBull USA Rawhide Retriever Rolls to enhance your dog's chewing experience, combining entertainment and oral health. Order now for a happier and healthier pet.


Ingredients: Beef Hide

Origin: USA 

Supervision is recommended when giving your dog any treat. Introduce new protein-rich natural treats (a treat your pet has never eaten before) on a gradual basis (one every three days). We recommend no more than one retriever roll per day until your pet has been acclimated to them. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Wash your hands after handling any chew or treat. Store in a dry place at room temperature.